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[My son] got into STANFORD, HARVARD, and U CHICAGO. Thank you! 

There is a former Dragon Prep student at every Ivy League University (& Stanford, MIT, and Chicago). 

Trusted by Hong Kong's most discerning families. 

Applying to world class secondary schools and universities has never been more competitive or more complicated, especially for students in Asia's world cities where myriad curricula, test preparation options, after school programs, and admissions experts seem constantly to clamor for the attention of students and their families.

Dragon Prep's mission is to offer clarity and simplicity in a crowded educational space, to help students and their families make decisions that fit their unique academic needs, and to supply students and teachers with the highest quality course materials for both in-person and online learning. 

Dragon Prep is founded by Edward Dunnigan, career test preparation instructor, curriculum designer, teacher trainer, and VIP service provider with over ten years experience in teaching, academic consulting, and curriculum design.

Edward Dunnigan

Dragon Prep Founder and CEO

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