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Edward's deep knowledge of the IB and SAT is rare, even among tutors who specialize in these exams.
- J.L., Stanford

SPRINT to the Finish Line!

Dragon Prep's Sprint programs are designed to deliver dramatic results in a short period of time.  Students review core concepts and test-taking strategies and then apply their knowledge and skills during full-length mock examinations that replicate the conditions of the real exam. Immediately after each mock exam is a two-hour review period for students to ask questions and the instructor to provide explanations.  All course instructors have earned a degree from a top 50 US university, helped at least three students earn 99th percentile scores in the past year, and taught international school students in Asia for at least two full years.  

SAT Sprint

The July 2017 SAT Sprint course features 60 hours of SAT preparation, including five full-length mock examinations. 

ACT Sprint

The July 2017 ACT Sprint course features 60 hours of ACT preparation, including five full-length mock examinations.  

Personalized SSAT/ISEE Study Plans 

Contact us for a free, personalized SSAT or ISEE study plan.  Dragon Prep offers one-on-one and small group tutoring options tailored to the unique needs of its students.  

Personalized IB, AP, and IGCSE Study Plans

Dragon Prep has helped hundreds of students earn 7s in IB courses, 5s in AP, and A*s in IGCSE.  Contact us for a free study plan and tutoring program tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses as well as your family's summer plans.  

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